The world needs new solutions for old problems. The Ganesha Foundation loves to support inspired projects that improve the world… and of course, that starts with passionate, effective staff. Does the idea of working with a nonprofit fire you up? Do you have a brilliant solution just waiting to be released, or do you know someone who does?  If so, contact Ganesha today!


We fund innovative projects that are based on new solutions or processes, otherwise known as 'disruptive technologies' that make existing methods obsolete.

Ganesha is looking for inspired inventions, research, and approaches in the areas of health and well-being, clean food, water, energy, transport, and fixing pollution.  If that's your passion too, get in touch!


Do you have more than enough, but don't know how/where to invest it for maximum benefit to other people and the planet? Ganesha Foundation welcomes progressive donors who want to extend their/our reach.  We also coordinate with other global humanitarian foundations so that funds are used efficiently and to best effect.  We do the research, you help make it real.


Ganesha = Gumption+Money+Vision

Generosity plus gumption, that's our vision here at the Ganesha Foundation.  We have more than enough, and we want to do some good with it, in ways that restore the planet, and help people everywhere to have better lives. Also, we act as a clearing house for those who want to help humanity, and don't know where to start.

Embody the Solution

With all the problems in the world, it's easy to spend our time in rage and frustration.  Instead of bitching or blaming, let's use our ingenuity and resources to make life better for everyone.  A world with clean air and water, reclaimed land and oceans, satisfying work, and restored well-being... that's what WE focus on, so that we can create a better world.  No foundation can fix the entire world, but at least we can make a start!


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But you knew that, right?