Where do we start?  Well, we don't have products, so there are no questions about return policies or shipping options!  So instead we will give you some details about how we operate and what we encourage in our projects and staff...

What is your aim in being a nonprofit?

We believe that the profit motive has got out of hand, and leads to many people not being able to afford what should be their birthright:  clean air and water, nutritious food, and most of all proper healthcare.  We have no objection to asking those who can afford it to pay for the devices created and manufactured by the various projects under our supervision, but in general we prefer to give money to charitable foundations rather than companies.

What is your structure?  How do you work?

The Ganesha Foundation exists to disburse funds to projects that fit under our mission.  Like most nonprofits, the Ganesha Foundation is run by a Board of Trustees who are in charge of policy decisions;  that is, we assess the strength and efficiency of prospective projects, and make the final choices of what we will fund. The office and administration team is supervised by our Executive Director;  she keeps everyone in line, and reports directly to the Board.  The staff perform various tasks such as research, record-keeping, and outreach.

Do you have staff?

Yes, like every charitable foundation, we have a team of people who do administration and research, and who maintain our offices.  We are set up somewhat like agile scrum, in that our team is self-organizing and there is no corporate hierarchy. We do have a 'relationship department' that answers questions, matches donors with projects, and explains the work of the foundation to the public and to government inspectors.

How does this work if you are an inventor or project manager?

If you have a great idea you want us to support, this is how to go about it:

  • Approach the Ganesha Foundation with a written proposal, either by mail or by email.  This proposal must contain a five-year plan, and details of how this project will help others, either locally or globally.  Also, the project must be set up as a nonprofit, although a for-profit arm can be part of the overall plan.  Click here for more about proposals:  Apply Here!
  • The staff do all appropriate due diligence and research about the project, including the proposed team and financials.
  • At the next quarterly Board meeting, the Trustees discuss the current crop of proposals, and decide what will be funded.
  • If there is agreement about your project, we promptly give a check to your foundation or other entity.
  • Every six months, we do an audit to see that the project is making good progress, financially and technologically.
  • If everything goes as it should for the first year, we will automatically renew your funding for up to five years.