Our Mission

The Ganesha Foundation's purpose is two-fold:

  • We fund and support research and production of emergent technologies for the social and environmental good.
  • We are turning the whole human race away from a belief in 'not enough' and towards an experience of 'more than enough'.

Your Project

The first question is the most central:  how well does your project fit under our umbrella?  Here are projects we're already funding:

  • Radically new health and rejuvenation devices
  • Technology to provide completely clean electrical power
  • Energy field devices to improve food production and conservation
  • Water desalination and purification technology
  • High-speed transportation devices
  • Materials research, especially for clothing and building construction
  • Any process that clears existing pollution from the air, water, or land, especially technology to clear radiation (e.g., Fukushima)
  • Educational outreach with universities and research foundations to develop and teach 'new science' in many areas

Our questions, your answers

We do understand that great inventors and visionaries are not necessarily great writers or communicators.  However, we do need to gain a clear picture of the various aspects of your project, and that is where a clear, concise written proposal is key.  Ideally, the proposal should be no longer than ten pages, and include a reasonably detailed spreadsheet and description of how much money you are asking for, and what that will be spent on.  [Common sections are laboratory space, lab set-up, utilities, staff, security, professional fees, and office expenses.] We do need to see details of your actual core team, so that we can get a sense of their experience and efficiency.  In general, though, we only need to know how much you need overall to set up and run your facilities, and how many people will be employed in your project -- not just scientists, but also administration, security, and ancillary staff.

Key issues to be addressed in your proposal

  • What is the purpose of your new technology?
  • How will this help specific groups or humanity in general, or improve the planet?
  • What is the timescale for research, development, manufacture, and distribution?  We normally plan (and fund) in five-year increments.
  • What is the structure of your overall project?  We have a strong preference for nonprofit foundations, but that is not mandatory if you can show how your technology will be used for humanitarian purposes.
  • How many staff do you anticipate hiring?
  • Where do you plan to set up your facility or facilities?
  • If money were not an issue, how much (ideally) would it take to get this off the ground?
  • What is your budget?  This can be expressed in percentages or in real figures.  Make sure to add in 10-15% contingency funds.

The purpose of this proposal is not just to ask for money;  primarily it is to clarify and amplify what you need to know, do, and have in order to get your new technology working effectively.  You need to be very clear in your own vision and passion for what you want to create before you can demonstrate its value to us.  If you wish, we can send you a sample proposal, and/or a longer list of questions to be answered.  This is not an exam!  We just want to know our funds will be put to good use.

Our research team will examine your proposal and report to the board according to our criteria, which include:

  • Will this project be effective in its purpose(s)?
  • Will this technology help humanity or the planet?
  • Are the leaders of this project capable of bringing it to fruition?  Do they/you have experience in developing a vision and applying it in the physical world?
  • Have enough factors been considered and resolved for this to work?
  • Is the project set up correctly, with cooperation between staff, and oversight by supervisors or auditors?

Although the Trustees have a pattern of meeting quarterly, if there is great urgency we will consider projects more quickly.  In general, we decide on the next projects in the order we receive them, and we are quick to inform you of success or the need for more details.  We like to send funds out as rapidly as possible so that you can get on with your project.  Typically we send out the first year's money, and ask for externally audited reports every six months -- sometimes every 3-4 months if the project facilities are in an area known for corruption.  After a successful first year, we normally extend the project funding automatically for the full five years.

Ready to go, or at least make enquiries?  Contact us to start the process rolling...