Our Mission

The Ganesha Foundation's purpose is two-fold:

  • We fund and support research and production of emergent technologies for the social and environmental good.
  • We recreating 'heaven on earth' by turning the whole human race away from a belief in 'not enough' and towards an experience of 'more than enough'.

Our Story

Money makes it easy to focus on our own desires, but it's much more satisfying to use what you have for the benefit of the planet.  This is a splendid opportunity for stewardship and reclamation of both humanity and our natural environment.  Ganesha believes this is the time and we are the people to bring truly sustainable new technologies into play.  So we gather funds from progressive individuals who see the possibilities for change, and give support to those with new ideas and the gumption to bring them into form.

For the last eight years, our founder Dr. Kyre Adept, has run an American 501c3 nonprofit operating foundation from her current home in California. With the influx of funding now taking place, she is drawing together donors, innovative projects, and new locations to support a program of humanitarian educational and technological initiatives that will draw all of us into a new and sustainable world.

The Ganesha Foundation is based on Malta, for a number of reasons:

  1. As a member of the European Union, Maltese citizens,  corporations, and foundations have easy access to the EU and the Schengen District.  We can live and work anywhere in the EU without visas.
  2. Malta is a neutral, non-aligned independent republic;  both financially and politically, Malta is less influenced by the major powers.  This is highly advantageous as we develop disruptive technologies, especially in the area of health and well-being, and in the shift away from fossil fuels.
  3. Malta provides an encouraging, protective location for research, development, and manufacturing, with a highly educated work-force that is open to new technologies.  The government also helps with financial support as they are building up their hi-tech sector.
  4. Other technology ventures are finding Malta an excellent 'sandbox' to test their research and development.
  5. The central location, climate, and regulatory atmosphere are all conducive to retreats and nonprofit activities.

Whether you are passionate about global philanthropy, new technologies, or humanitarian projects, we hope to see you in Malta very soon!

Meet the Team

Security concerns mean that it's not sensible to publicize our core team.  You'll just to have come meet us!

Next Steps...

  • The best way to contact the Ganesha Foundation is by email.
  • Donors, potential staff, and inventors are welcome to visit our office in Malta.