Generosity + Gumption

What are your passions?  What did you come here to learn and experience?  What would you be doing, having, teaching, and sharing if your needs were being met 100%, if you had more than enough?  Can you picture that?

Most people cannot... so they never plant a garden of plenty.  Now it's time to change, to fulfill our overall mission to restore 'heaven on earth', with abundant health and resources for all.  Do you have the gumption (inspired ingenuity) to extend generosity to those who would benefit the most from healing, education, food, water, and a clean environment?  Let's do it!

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Social Entrepreneurship

Ganesha Foundation mainly funds humanitarian efforts, yet we also help people create self-sustaining businesses based on social values.

Moving beyond the profit motive AND the 'too spiritual to make money' perspective, our approach is about encouraging people to follow their hearts, intuition, and passion to bring their particular genius to the world.  It's part of humanity's 'great work' to mend the cracks between the worlds;  after reclaiming pure air, land, water, power generation and physical well-being, we get to create sustainable work patterns and small-scale businesses that provide human-level interactions rather than multi-national asset-stripping.

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New-style Philanthropy

For centuries, philanthropy meant the 'lack' in life being filled by the excessive resources of the few. Little has been done to address the social/cultural and even religious beliefs that support that massive gap between rich and poor, which is still increasing.

It's time to use new technologies and structures to create increased well-being, clean environments, and new models so that our beautiful planet can bloom once more.  Only be changing the way we do things can we create sustainable projects and businesses... and thus have enough and more than enough.

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Time to BE that change!

The Ganesha Foundation is named for the elephant god of abundance and prosperity.  Our mission is to turn humanity from belief in 'not enough' to 'more than enough'... and to do so in a divine feminine way, with purpose, ordering, and receiving rather than action.

You'll have noticed that there are some serious issues in the world right now:  even in industrialized countries like the US and most of Europe, people struggle with their health, housing, and education, plus systemic poverty and environmental issues like pollution and climate change.  From the smallest details to the most global 'circle of care', we humans need to make some radical changes in how we work and live.

The Ganesha Foundation funds research, development, and production of 'disruptive technologies' with social entrepreneurship to encourage system-wide changes leading to a more healthy and just society.  We love to see projects that combine generosity, gumption, and inspired passion to create sustainable technologies to improve everyone's lives.


You can help, and have fun doing it!

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  • If you long to work for a progressive nonprofit with global reach, contact us!
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